SEC Tailgate Tables and Trays

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Pricing: Tailgate Tables $90, Small trays, clocks & accessories $45-$65 "11 x 14" trays $75, larger trays range $90-$250, Guitars $500

Please take a moment to look at my mosaic designs and feel free to give me a call. I studied watercolor, oils and metal design before moving to stained glass and mosaic tiles. I love the contrast of the textured tesserae tiles and the smooth stained glass together. Using enameled copper accents in many of my newer creations brings a full range of color and glass surfaces to enjoy. 

Nature provides much of my inspiration, with many pieces motivated by the ocean or the lush beauty of the woods in the fall. The outside world translates beautifully into glass and mosaic designs. 

My Short Biography

Creative Mosaics for Your Life!

The popular Tailgate Tables are folding tray tables embellished with distinctive team designs. A perfect gift for that "super-fan" in your life who loves their alma mater. 

Looking for a special piece? Let's discuss designs and colors to fit your personality and style. People love giving and receiving handcrafted gifts that were created specially for them. Tangled Tiles mosaics explode with color and happiness in every piece. Pick up these pieces and you will find something new every time you look at the details. Each one is an original. I accept commission work, designing functional art to complement your patio, den, and lifestyle. 

Mosaic Designs to Make Life Sparkle!